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Twilight of the Apocalypse is a Post-Holocaust RPG (Role Playing Game), based on the Aftermath© game system produced by Fantasy Games Unlimited®. The game is out of print. 

  I have finished rewriting the game system and it is currently being edited. I have no intentions to sell the game once I'm done. I plan to post it here for others to download for FREE.

  If you wish to join the mailing list, so you will receive Twilight of the Apocalypse's Official News Letter, The Survivors List.  Go here.

 There allot of new and exciting things going on with, both Twilight of the Apocalypse and The Entertainment Committee®. Be sure to watch for more info on this in future news letters.

Update: I have posted the GameMaster's Guide, which is the GM's guide to the creation of the world in which the characters survive. It is available for download from the Game System page. Please feel free to download it and let me know what you think.
You are the survivor to reach this fallout shelter.

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