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Sword Use(Frontal)T



    This skill governs the use of edged weapons that depend on a sharp edge to do damage such as one hand swords, two handed swords, etc.This skill allows a specialized secondary attack with one-handed weapons. The Attacker must declare that a secondary strike will be made, at which time the Weapons Defense Ability is lost for that action. If the first strike misses then the secondary strike is rolled immediately using an Average BCS. If the first attack hits, no secondary strike is made.This skill allows a character to parry the blow of another Hand to Hand weapon. A parry must be declared and no other actions can take place that round. To get the Effect Number, average the Sword skill with Deftness. If the attacker has a Strength Group that is the same or less than the defender the parry is successful. If the Attacker is 1 Strength group higher, a Strength Ability Saving Throw must be made. If the Attackers Strength Group is 2 or more above the Defender’s then the Attacker powers through the block.