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Sling (Frontal)T



   The Sling is a simple Sling of David. The Rules governing its range and the increase of range by longer windup are the same as Bola Skill. The WDM that the sling imparts to its bullet will depend on the number of turns spent in windup. A character has an effective upper limit on the number of turns spent in windup of his/her Strength Group. This is for purposes of determining the WDM only. It does not apply to range.

Actions in Windup           1    2     3    4-5    6-7
WDM C Type Damage
     .5    1   1.5      2      2.5

Improvised bullets such as pebbles will give a -2 to the user’s BCS. The percentage chance of a Missile Special Effect is equal to the Damage Potential.