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Handloading T
(Tech Use, Machining or Blacksmithing)



   This skill allows a character to reload spent center fire cartridges, with the proper time, tools, and raw materials. Handloading is task in the sense it takes time to complete, but there aren’t any task points to determine. The amount of cartridges reloaded in an hour’s time is equal to the character’s Wit Group Effect die, multiplied by the efficiency of the handloading kit. Each handloading kit is broken down to rifle, pistol, and shotgun kits. The cartridge and bullet can only be used for the caliber in which they were produced, but the primer and power are interchangeable. Each round to be reloaded needs a cartridge, primer, bullet, and power equal to the BDG in grains. Any round may be load with twice the power required, to make a Hi-Velocity round. When a failure occurs during handloading half of the rounds produced in that hour are no good and the materials are used up. When a critical failure occurs, all the rounds in that time period are completed. But when they are fired they are treated as a critical miss. Any control throws will be applicable at this point. With a critical success twice the amount of rounds are produced in that hour.