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Gambling S,E



    This skill provides a source of income for the character if he/she is successful. The effect Number of the character’s roll indicates the multiplier to the base bet if the character should win. If he/she fails his/her BCS roll the difference between the die roll and his BCS is the multiplier to the base bet used to determine how much he/she losses. The character’s opponent will also make a Gambling BCS roll. If the opponent makes his/her BCS roll, the difference between his roll and is BCS is used as the negative modifier for the Characters BCS roll, before the character makes his/her attempt. If the opponent fails his/her roll, the difference between his/her roll and his/her BCS is added to the characters BCS roll, before his/her attempt. Initial equipment for this skill is a set of dices or a deck of cards, at the player’s choice.