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Fishing S


(Trap/Hook) 2

    This skill allows the character to acquire food from the water. The character must be using some form of equipment and will have to make a successful BCS for the type in use. If the character deploys a net he/she would be using his/her Trapping BCS. The character will acquire a number of man-days of rations equal to the result of an Effect Die roll times a multiplier representing the abundance of fish in the area. The factor is at the discretion of the GM. While using the Trap form, use the character’s Wit Group and with the Hook form use his/her Deftness Group to determine the Effect Die to be rolled. Acquiring the ration will take the whole day. Any travel done that day will reduce the character’s base BCS to one half. If the character travel more that half a day, he/she will not be able to use this skill. When using the Trapping method a plus 1 will be added to the multiplier for every trap set by the character. When using the Hook method, a failure indicates a loss of 1D4 hooks, while a successful roll indicates a loss of 1D3 –1 hooks.