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(Basic Research, Mathematics)



   Encryption and Decryption are both tasks and take time to complete. When a character is trying to decode a message, the character must make a successful BCS roll. With a successful BCS roll the character earns the number of task points equal to his/her Wit Group Effect die roll. The difficulty of a code is represented in task points. The more the task point the harder the code is to break. With each failure during the BCS rolls, it will result in the loss of task points equal to the character’s Wit Group Effect die roll. A critical failure at anytime during the BCS roll results in a misinterpretation of the code. The character will believe he/she has broken the code, but in realty they did not and they will get incorrect information from their decoding. Encrypting a message does not require a BCS roll, but it does take time to do. It will be up to the GM to determine how many task points of each encrypted message to be decoded and the length of time it will take to encrypt the message.