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Dirt Farming T



    This skill gives the character the ability to grow crops properly on a large scale. To use this skill properly the character must have access to hoes, plows, gathering equipment and seeds. To determine the basic yield of the crops, use the characters Wit Group Effect Die divided by 2 and rounded to the nearest tenth, the number yielded is then multiplied by the number of seed units cultivated to get the total amount of crops harvested in 100’s of pounds. If a critical failure happens then the entire crop is lost. If a critical success happens then the crop yield is double normal. If a normal failure occurs then the crop yield is halved.

    Example: Farmer Brown has a small farm out side of Hootersville. He has a Dirt Farming skill of 15 and a Wit of 12. He plants 40 units of grain seed. He rolls an 8 for his BCS with his Dirt Farming Skill, showing a success. With a Wit of 12 his Wit Group Effect die is 2d6 his roll is 8. So his total yield of grain from this crop is 1600 lbs. [(8/2=4)(4x40=1600)].