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Brawling (Frontal)S



    This is unskilled, knockdown, drag-out fighting. The fighter may strike with a hand and receive a secondary attack, or he/she may strike with a foot and make only one attack. Hand attacks receive -5 to the hit location roll and are considered short length weapons. Foot attacks receive a +5 to the hit location roll, are considered Average length weapons, and add the Mass of the fighter to his/her Strength for determining the Effect Die to be rolled for a successful attack.
The fighter has a Weapon Damage Multiplier of plus 1 to the Armor Value of the Location with which he/she strikes with divided by 30, rounded to the nearest whole number. Damage done is 75% subdual (C Type) except on Critical Hits when it is 50% subdual (B Type). For details of the effect of the blows see Unarmed Combat Skill.Brawling Skill covers the use of improvised weapons such as, bottles, broken bottles, chairs, table legs, etc. The fighter uses an Average BCS in these cases to resolve his attack. When raving hordes are closing in and there is no better option, a fighter may utilize a rifle or a pistol butt as an improvised weapon and attack with an Average BCS using Brawling Skill.