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Bowyer T



    This skill gives the character the ability to produce bows and arrows. With the proper equipment and materials, a character can produce arrows or work on a bow in the course of a day. The character can produce his/her Deftness Group Effect die in arrows, with a day’s work. It will take the character 15 minus his/her Deftness Group Effect Die roll in days to produce a bow. If the bow is being made of wood, it must be cured. The curing process will take 2D6 weeks, but doesn’t require the constant supervision by the character. One unit of arrow materials will be enough to produce 10 arrows. It takes a unit of head, shaft and fletching material to produce an arrow. The character will need to have or have access to at least a tool kit 1 or better to produce a bow, but a simple knife will allow the character to produce arrows. If the character uses a simple knife to produce arrows, it will take 3 times the normal time to produce the arrows.