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Bola (Frontal)T,E



    This weapon system requires 1 Action to prepare and a minimum of 1 Action to windup to toss. For each additional Action spent in the windup the range groupings will be modified by a multiplier of.5 per Action to a maximum of 3. Thus, after 4 additional Actions of windup the upper limits of all range groupings will be multiplied by 2. Use of this weapon requires a clear area around the character. The minimum radius of clear space is 1 meter. Each additional Action of windup will increase this radius by .5 meters. Any obstruction that occurs during the windup will abort the attack with the bola. The object or character that aborted the attack will receive a Strike Attack from the bola. A character may maintain a bola in windup for a number of Combat Turns equal to his Strength. A character maintaining a windup may only move 1 meter per action.

    This weapon has to forms of attack and the form in use must be specified before the attack is resolved. Strike is an attack to damage. The Gamemaster, using a flat curve, will determine how many balls in the bola strike. Each ball has a WDM of 1.5C and an ENC value of 2. The Effect die is rolled separately for each of the balls that strike. Capture is an attack, which does not directly damage. Again the Gamemaster determines how many of the balls actually affect the target. The total number striking is multiplied by .5 to get the WDM to be multiplied by the Effect Die roll. This will yield an Effect Number for use with the entanglement rules given in the Flexible Weapons Skill. Damage Potential is the percentage chance of a missile special effect occurring. A flesh wound result for a Capture attack requires the target to make a Speed Ability Saving Throw to avoid a fall.

Range Modifications

                  Distance                        EFF. STR Group
Category         in meters       BCS Mod.    for Effect Die

Point Blank STR CST +0 +0
Effective STR AST -1 +0
Long STR -2 -1
Maximum 2x STR -4 -2

If the characters calculated range lies within the radius of his/her windup, he may not attack at that range grouping.