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Blowguns (Frontal)T,E



    A blowgun is a delivery system for darts carrying some kind of drug. Darts damage is calculated for penetration purposes only. Darts will never damage shields. The Effect die for determining the penetration is based on the user’s Health Group. The die result is multiplied by the WDM of the dart. If the result is greater than or equal to the Armor Value on the Location hit, the substance of the dart will be introduced to the target’s system.

Range Modifications:

                                   Distance                                               Eff. HLH GROUP
  Category                 in Meters             BCS Mod.                 for Effect Die

Point Blank 2 meters



Effective HLH CST






Maximum HLH



    If a character's Effective Range is less that 2 meters, 2 meters becomes his/her Effective Range and the calculated value becomes his/her Point Blank Range.

Modifications Due to Darts:

  In Use:                             BCS Mod.     WDM

Improvised -2 0.8
Fire Hardened Wood -1 1.0
Metal +0 1.3

Modifications Due to Wind:

Light -1
Moderate -3
Strong -6
Gusty Doubled Strength Value of Wind