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1 January, 2019

    The US Government announced that it would be conducting an experiment and 2000 volunteers would be need to live in a self-sufficient bio-dome for 5-years. The government wants to use people who have never met, to move into the dome. They would be left entirely on their own, until the 5-year period is up. All the applicants were interviewed, to get a wide verity of personalities and abilities.

1 June, 2019

    The first of the 2000 people scheduled to move in the Bio-Dome arrived to begin their orientation of the facility. With in 2 months time all 2000 people were moved into the dome. The Bio-dome is 4 square miles in outer diameter, with 4 stories above ground and 4 below ground. The dome is equipped with it’s own water supply. The outside of the dome is constructed of titanium and 1’ thick Plexiglas.

29 August, 2019

    The doors to the out side world were closed to begin the 5-year experiment. Only the leaders of the domers and the people who organized the project have the codes to open the hermetically sealed doors.

23 February, 2020

    Without warning, the Earth awoke with a fury of which the like has never been seen. The Tectonic Plates under the Pacific Rim lurched 300’ north in an instant. Causing a massive earthquake on the West Coast of the U.S. and northern Mexico. The earthquake registered 17.2 on the Richter scale, causing most of California and part of Northern Mexico along the San Andreas Fault to split off the North American Continent and move out into the ocean.

    Along with the earthquake there was a tidal wave 150’ tall, that pounded what was left of the West Coast. Resulting in massive damage. What the water didn’t wash away, fires caused by downed power lines destroyed. The fires burned uncontrolled for weeks. As if things weren’t bad enough, Mount Saint Helen’s erupted with such force that the volcanic ash was blown into the upper atmosphere causing the Sun to be blocked out. The upper winds pushed the ash across the Bering Straits over Russia. An early and severe winter followed, lasting 3 years.

    Further out in the Pacific in the Hawaiian Islands several underwater volcanoes erupted, forming 2 new islands. The combination of the Pacific Plate slipping and the volcanoes erupting, caused several Tsunamis, which reeked havoc on the Japanese Islands. Wiping out 70% of its population, which resulted in a world wide economic panic. The Japanese that were able to escape the destruction fled to China.

16 November, 2023

    Desperate for food, The Russians invaded China and Alaska. (China was enjoying a surplus of food and resources.) Having nothing left to lose; the remaining Japanese allied themselves with Russia. The Chinese were caught completely off guard and were quickly over taken. Fearing invasion, the eastern block countries appealed to the United Nations for help. The UN sent in peacekeepers and negotiators.

    In Europe, the situation deteriorated rapidly. Shortly after the negotiators were sent into the area, they were killed. Many believed that the negotiators were assassinated. The high-ranking officials began fearing for their lives and went into hiding. That left no one to direct the military forces. Europe quickly fell into mob rule. The troops began fighting anyone who looked like an enemy. (No one knew exactly who that enemy was.)

    In America, things were not any better. The now powerful Militia radicals declared open warfare on the Government. They started attacking government buildings. Many government officials went into hiding. As the conflict in Europe escalated, more troops were needed. Conscription was brought into effect; anyone who could carry a gun was drafted. Troops were sent to Alaska to protect the oil line. The Alaskan governor was able to save allot of bloodshed by giving the Russians food and shelter. With the invasion of Alaska and the out right attack on the government, Marshal Law was declared for the entire country. That’s when people really began to panic. Many started hoarding food, gold and other valuables, armed themselves even further and began to build underground shelters. The country soon fell into a second Civil War. To add to the already wide spread chaos, a class-5 hurricane named Alex swept across a large part of the Southeast, resulting in massive destruction. Reports came in that little if anything survived in the wake of Hurricane Alex.

14 February, 2027

    With little resolve in the China situation, the western countries were preparing for the Third World War. While the world slept someone launched some of the few remaining nuclear missiles in Russia. The missiles were launched in the early morning hours. The U.S. Strategic Defense System retaliated automatically. Only a few missiles were launched so the extent of the damage in the Soviet Union and surrounding areas is unknown.

    In America, 50-year Old Russian technology being what it was, some missiles didn’t even make it to the mainland, falling into the ocean. Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, North and South Dakota were hit with devastating accuracy. The funny thing is, several missiles hit where parts of California used to be, causing little or no damage. There were reports that some missiles did hit the New England area. The condition of Europe is unknown. With so much radioactivity in the atmosphere, it was making satellite communications impossible. Shortly after the missile attacks, the bio-dome lost all communications with the outside world. It seemed the world stood still. Over the years there has been some radio signals picked up, but nothing with any type of information about the situation in the outside world.