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            Scouring your way through the ruins, you turn a corner carefully. Fearful of the mutants you have heard mentioned around the crowded fires at night, you scan the area for every detail that might betray the hiding place of a treasured resource... or more commonly as of late, an enemy. A flash of white draws your eye, and you lean down to pick up a tattered page, yellowed with age. Your heart quickens with pride as you recall the days of taunting when you chose to learn what reading was available, instead of wasting your time among the tribal dancing. Coming back to the present you begin to read. A cold creeps into you as you decipher the title...... Back with the search group, your family hears a scream......

 "They knew!!! They had a.....

Survivors List!

Volume 1 Issue 1
May 2000

    Welcome to the First Issue of the Survivors List. In the next few pages, we here at The Entertainment Committee, would like to give everyone and idea what is in store for Twilight of the Apocalypse.

   First let me introduce you to the People behind the scenes here at The Entertainment Committee and those behind Twilight.

·         James Cunningham “Warduke”:
James is the Head of The Entertainment Committee, Senior Rules Writer, Webmaster, Play Test GM, and over all do boy.

·         Todd Perry:
Todd is the Assistant Head of the Entertainment Committee, News Letter Editor, and Assistant Rules Editor.

·         Matt Dixon “Aein”:
Matt is the Assistant Head of the Entertainment Committee, Senior Rules Editor, and some time writer.

·         Kathy Cunningham “Evil Ninja Pencil Woman”:
Kathy is the Secretary of the Entertainment Committee, Senior Scenario Writer, Assistant Editor, Chief Motivating Office, and Moral Support.

    Now that you know who’s behind the company and the game system. Lets move on to what’s happening now and in the future of the game.

 Games System:
Currently, the game system is being edited. The Survivor’s Guide (Player Guide) should be ready for download very soon. The other 2 Guides should be out in the very near future was well. Unfortunately our work schedules have kept us from spending as much time working on the Website and the Game System as we would like. There is an Illustrator working on pictures for the game system. When I get a few of the drawings, I will post then and let you the players vote on the art that will be put into the rule books.

Play Testing:
We are taking applications for play testers at this time. We are looking for a small group of 4-6 Players. If there are a large number of people interested in Play testing, we may add a second session, with a different GM. If you are interested in Play Testing or would like to run a game, Please E-mail Warduke. Please include how long you have been playing RPGs, your age, and the times you are available to play. Age and Experience are only important to get a good mix of people, for a better test. We will be using Pow Wow as the web client. If you are not familiar with it or would like to download it go here. It is easy to configure and use. It comes with an on-line dice roller and some other very nice features, that you can read about on its website.

Player Submitted Articles:
There was a Background submitted by Ken Kavanagh.
Please read the background it may help you with your campaign, visit it here.

Web Site updates:
I haven’t updated the web site much lately as I’m trying to get a bunch of things done and post it all at one time. I also have a graphic artist and an illustrator working on pictures for the web site.

Quote of the Month:
It’s not your job to die for your country; it’s your job to make sure someone else dies for their country! - G.S. Patton 1944