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    This is the list of skills that are currently in use in the Twilight of the Apocalypse© game system. The skills that have an * next to them are new skills. I have taken several skills out of the original list used in the Aftermath© game system. Currently there are 147 skills in 11 categories. If you have an idea for a useful skill or have any questions about a skill please write Warduke. Please include the category you think it would fit under and a description.

    The skills presented in this section are a cross-section of skills available to a character in the Twilight of the Apocalypse world. The Gamemaster may add additional skills or eliminate some that are presented here in order to tailor the game to his/her campaign. Players should always check on the availability of skills with the Gamemaster.
    Skills are presented as follows: The names of the skill; the positioning if a Combat Skill; a letter code; the initial score for the skill; and a number indicating the Format on the first line. If the skill is a Format 2 skill, the number will be followed by the names of the areas the skill can be broken down into. The Second line will contain in parentheses any prerequisite skills required by the skill. Followed by the skill description.


A-This skill has an averaging function.
T-This skill always requires tools or some other equipment in order to be used in its primary form.
S-This skill sometimes requires tools or some other equipment in order to be used in its primary form.
E-A character with this skill may start with some initial equipment pertinent to the skill.                                                                                


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