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This is were you can get Pre-Generated Characters. All the characters listed on this page have been played in Twilight of the Apocalypse game system.  There are NO Copy Rights on any of them, So feel free to use them in any way you wish. The Characters come with weapons, but no equipment. I wanted to leave that up to the GM, to decide what best fits his/her campaign.

If you would like one of your characters listed here. Please feel free to send it to me and I will post it.

 I have Zipped up the character sheets as they are 1.1 Megs each. There are 2 programs you will need to view and print the character sheets. 1. Some kind of Unzip program. (I use Winzip). 2. MS Publisher any version. There are pictures embedded in the file, that is way I can't convert it to a text file.



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