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Earth's Fate Campaign

By Ken Kavanagh

       At midnight on 31 Dec, 1999 the Y2K bug struck. Hidden deep within the billions of lines of programming code was a single line that even if discovered would just appear as a useless string of programming. If deleted by even the most sophisticated of virus scanners or even if manually removed it would allow itself to appear eradicated. Deeper in the lines of programming a single element of over a thousand other lost lines among the millions would activate at that moment and combine into a new string of useless programming.
       During the course of over 3.5 years of Y2K preparation by the world's programmers the code was manually discovered twice by two separate nations. It was discovered five more times by advanced detection software's only to be logged in the millions of obscure printouts, of which only 10% were ever reviewed. This code activated itself into it's second phase at 0001 hrs on 1 Jan 2000.
       By 7 Jan 00, CNN reported that after one week into the new millennium the world had a reason to celebrate. It was official that for all the time and millions spent to upgrade the world's computers, was a success. Only a few minor glitches were reported. The most serious being the most powerful of the US spy satellites had experienced a shutdown. The reports released by the NSA indicated that for a 24 hour period on 1 Jan 00 to 2 Jan 00 the satellite was blind to all activity on earth or in space.
       On 8 Jan 00 a bit of news was slipped to CNN by an undisclosed source. This document revealed that NORAD and all of the US nuclear war facilities had gone on high alert as 10 missiles had activated for launch on the 1st of January. This activation was repeated on the 5th as the attempt to discover the reasons for the malfunction on the 1st were under investigation. Each of the activation's lasted for only five minutes as launch sequence parameters were testing and then shutdown sequence commenced. All this was covered up by the government within the week under many layers of white wash, excuses, and by propelling the upcoming presidential elections into the mainstream of the viewers consciousness.
       On 15 Jan 00 Russia, as well as all nuclear capable countries, put their country on alert. At 0001 hrs on the 15th a single nuclear missile launched from it's hidden location somewhere in the central USA. At 0015 hrs the missile was destroyed by the secret weapons platform called Dante. Over the next week the world sat glued to the T.V. as news reports speculated as to the existence of what the US said didn't exist. Dante, as speculation revealed was the result of the so called Starwars Project. No specifications could be discovered by the media due to the government's efforts to hid the true facts. People in the US and even the world demanded the truth. On 26 Jan 00, a video was mailed to CNN showing the destruction of the missile. Over 600 million viewers watched the successful use of laser technology to destroy a moving target speeding along at over 6000 mph.
       On 1 Feb 00, at 0001 hrs a nuclear missile from England launched and at 0008 hrs it was shot down by Dante. At 0010 hrs a file was emailed to the news desks at CNN. This AVI file showed the destruction of this missile by Dante. At 0700 hrs Russia alerted the world that the trajectory of this missile as well as the one launched on 15 Jan 00 from the US would have impacted at Moscow. Threats, allegations, and excuses filled the news over the following 24 hrs. On 2 Feb 00, a nuclear missile from China was launched at 0001 hrs and was shot down four minutes later. This missile tipped the Russian hand and all of Russia went on high alert in preparation for war.
       During the remainder of February the world powers also called up their military forces to full alert. The Russians staged massive armies along their western and eastern borders. Many European countries moved their armies to the eastern borders along all Russian territory. China staged on their western borders. Canada and the US mobilized a CORPS each to the European Theater of Operations (ETO). This standoff lasted until 1 May 00. On 2 May 00 a historic meeting at the UN HQ in New York City agreed upon a cease of the buildup. These negotiations lasted through the 4th of May.
       On 5 May 00 at 0001 hrs, 10 nuclear missiles from each nuclear capable country, were launched. Two minutes into their flight a tremendous flare in orbit lit up the night sky over the Atlantic Ocean. This flash was witnessed by millions and in the chaos of news reports, the announcement was made that the Dante Weapons Platform had been mysteriously destroyed. Fifteen minutes into the initial launch, additional missiles from various countries began to launch. The total number of missiles launched has never been determined.
       By the time the 5th nuclear missile impacted on US soil all communications were lost. Only NYC, Washington DC, NASA, and Atlanta were confirmed hits while the remainder were lost. Many nukes impacted along the Mississippi Valley extending north into Canada and as far south as the Gulf Of Mexico. This effectively cut off the east from the western US. The standard effects of Nuclear War began to ravage the world. The nuclear winter started within the next several days and lasted for 14 months. Diseases, plagues, and mysterious effects of the radiation spread over the world. No one knows how many died on 5 May 00. Over the next few years the effects of the secondary kill claimed many of the primary kill survivors.
       Five years passed before the people of the earth could be called a civilization. Small groups of people pulled together into clans. Efforts began to be made to consolidate survivors into larger groups. This effort was extremely slow because many groups kept to themselves and locating all the different groups of people was difficult. Due to the wastelands along the Mississippi Valley efforts to reach the east were impossible by those in the west. California and the northern portions of Mexico received multiple hits and this wasteland also cut off that portion of the continent from the US.
       As the years passed, efforts to reach the east ended because all efforts ended in failure and mystery. Nothing was ever heard from any group attempting to cross the wasteland. The reconstruction of civilization within the US took a positive turn in 2009 when an Army general named Gen Hank Zarn established a new government at Los Vegas Nevada. With what little was known about who and what was left in the US, he began to organize The Union Of America.
       Year 2010……Enter the survivors of the Aftermath…..